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dot-art celebrates the digital in new exhibition

Liverpool’s dot-art gallery is showcasing the work of four North West contemporary artists in a new exhibition which celebrates digital art.

PIXEL runs at the Queen Avenue venue (off Castle Street) from January 31 to March 22.

Digital art explores the crossover of creativity and technology, and PIXEL features paintings, collage and sculpture, with each piece created with the help of computer technology and the digital emulation of traditional fine art tools.

James Chadderton’s series consists of theatrical post-apocalyptic landscapes, collapsing the boundaries between traditional and composite drawing. Chadderton’s drawing style is characterised by a tendency towards realism, or moments of fantasy within realistic portrayals.

Liverpool artist Olga Snell uses digital software rather than scissors and glue to create surreal, retro-futuristic collages that mix vintage images with her own photography.

Her playful new series, Re-Imagined, juxtaposes images that are hundreds of years old with contemporary objects, rearranging elements to digitized folktales.

Meanwhile the exhibition also features new collections by digital collage artist Vincent Kelly as well as laser-etched sculpture by Susan Williams.

PIXEL is at the dot-art gallery in Queen Avenue from January 31 to March 22.

Image: Buffalo Winter - Vincent Kelly

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