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Liverpool Everyman invites football fans to take centre stage

Football fans are being urged to pitch in to a new community-led theatre production set to be staged at the Liverpool Everyman this season.

Molly Taylor’s ROAR! tells the story of the devotion and commitment shown in following a team, whether it be a local league side or a Premiership club.

And the team behind the piece of documentary theatre, which will be performed at the Hope Street landmark in June, are looking to tell the real stories of passionate fans, spoken on stage by the fans themselves rather than by actors.

Workshops start in February, with an initial meet and greet next Thursday, January 16 and Taylor (pictured above in a photo by Helen Murray) is keen to hear from football fans from all teams in the Liverpool City Region, from supporters of youth and amateur football teams to non-league teams, through to Everton, Liverpool and Tranmere Rovers.

She explains: “I was first taken to a football game when I was about eight and I’m told I couldn’t take my eyes off the crowd.

“I’m still in thrall to what football fans do; in turning up, week after week, lending their voices, sitting through endless hours of suffering, with the occasional sprinkle of glory mixed in. It takes an almost religious act of devotion to commit to that ground, that team, that process.

“I want to put those spectators centre-stage at the Everyman. We’ll start with a blank page, and begin to fill it with illuminating, moving, challenging, humorous stories, and play with how we bring them to life.

"It will be collaborative and unpredictable, but my main hope is that we make something loud, beautiful, and relevant to this city and its people.”

ROAR! is created in association with the Everyman & Playhouse’s New Works Department with the aim of creating a community-led theatre production especially for the Everyman stage.

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