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Bluecoat hosts major Alexis Teplin solo show

The Bluecoat is hosting the largest UK solo show to date of the work of American-born, London-based artist Alexis Teplin.

It’s My Pleasure to Participate features newly commissioned pieces alongside existing work which will fill the School Lane venue’s galleries.

Large freestanding paintings, along with performance pieces and videos will join ceramics and glassworks in the show which runs until February 23.

Many of Teplin’s paintings move beyond traditional canvas and are instead painted on a patchwork of different material, including linen and decorative antique fabrics. At Bluecoat, visitors will weave their way through Teplin’s dramatic works which will transform the gallery to create a new, encompassing architecture.

The exhibition will also feature three performances devised by the artist, which will see the performers interact with the artworks on display at 2pm on key Saturdays – November 16, December 7 and February 22.

And Teplin will also premiere three new video works in the exhibition, sited within an installation of her paintings and objects. These video works tie her performances to the history of cinema from which she borrows dialogue and movements, as well as including references to other artworks within the exhibition.

Alexis Teplin: It’s My Pleasure to Participate is at The Bluecoat from October 26 to February 23.

Top: Arch (The Politics of Fragmentation). Photo: Document Photography

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