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Death and the Maiden comes to Hope Street

Ariel Dorfman’s powerful Olivier Award-winning drama Death and the Maiden is set to be staged at Liverpool’s Hope Street Theatre.

Emma Bird directs the new production of the work.

One night a stranger knocks on the door of Paulina, a survivor of torture, and her human rights lawyer husband.

Recognising the stranger's voice and convinced he is the sadistic doctor who led the captors who raped her, she proceeds to take him captive instead and force a confession.

Argentinian-Chilean author, playwright and human rights activist Dorfman wrote Death and the Maiden in 1990, the year Chile threw off the shackles of military dictatorship and finally returned to democracy.

His play – which was first staged at London’s Royal Court - explores trauma, morality and redemption; a journey from dark into light. Is forgiveness possible? Can an individual, or indeed an entire nation reconcile after such violent and repressive division?

Death and the Maiden is at the Hope Street Theatre from September 11-14. Tickets HERE

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