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Menlove Avenue Murder Mystery unfolds at Liverpool Royal Court

It’s been quite a journey for writer Gerry Linford since he was highly commended in the Liverpool Hope Playwriting Prize two years ago.

That play – A Prayer for St Cajetan – became hit comedy The Miracle of Great Homer Street, starring Les Dennis and running for a month on the main stage at the Royal Court.

Linford followed up his debut with this spring’s Yellow Breck Road which proved to be another audience pleaser at the Roe Street theatre.

And now the 56-year-old is back, this time with his latest show The Menlove Avenue Murder Mystery which has opened the Royal Court’s autumn season and promises to bring a whole new meaning to the term neighbourhood watch.

Since Eddie took early retirement from Fords he’s been getting under Trish’s feet. He loves a bit of Murder She Wrote in the afternoon though. Usually followed by a Columbo and one or two of his Midsomer Murders box set.

He likes to think of himself as Jessica Fletcher but with a moustache and a beer gut.

Gerry Linford

Eddie’s problem is that his life is too boring. So when his next-door neighbour dies he teams up with his daughter’s student criminologist boyfriend to investigate.

Like Sherlock and Watson (or Shaggy and Scooby) they are determined to get to the bottom of this murder mystery, whether it exists or not.

The cast features Paul Duckworth, Pauline Fleming, Gillian Hardie, Michael Peace, Olivia Sloyan and Liam Tobin.

The Menlove Avenue Murder Mystery is at Royal Court Liverpool until September 21. Tickets HERE

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