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Epstein Theatre date for Scottie Road the Musical

Caz ‘n’ Britney are back - and they mean business.

The award-winning, irresistible Scouse twosome are set to return to the stage for the first time in five years when Scottie Road – The Musical comes to the Epstein Theatre for one night only on October 6.

Gillian Hardie and Keddy Sutton appear in the show which follows the epic exploits and moments of misadventure of the two pasty scoffing, PJ wearing Scouse birds and their life-changing musical journey from Primark to prison.

The two-woman musical comedy promises to “bring tears to your eyes and aches to your belly” and will feature “stuff you’ve seen, stuff you haven’t seen, special guests and a little prezzie for audiences who come along in their rollers.”

Scottie Road – The Musical is at the Epstein Theatre on October 6 at 8pm. Tickets HERE

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