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Scouse Pacific promises fun in the sun at Royal Court

When the Royal Court staged Scouse Pacific at Christmas 2010 it proved so popular that the festive run had to be extended – twice.

So perhaps the only surprise it that it’s taken nearly a decade to revisit the hit, happy talking comedy.

This time there’s more chance the weather outside could be as balmy (or perhaps that should be barmy?) as the setting for Fred Lawless’s tale of a Scouse South Sea isle.

The good ship Royal Court is destined for Secosu where many years ago shipwrecked stowaway Billy Riley from Walton was washed ashore. Finding himself on an island that was populated mainly by women, Billy made the most of it and now, in 2019, his legacy continues – an island community of Liverpudlians a long way from home.

Raised on sunshine, bananas and stories of “home” evolution has created a Scouse master race. The girls wear home-made Ugg boots, pyjamas and rollers, and the lads hunt and fish wearing trackie bottoms and trainers.

Secosu is still uncharted which is very frustrating for Donna-Marie who longs to set sail for Liverpool, the land of her ancestors. Living in paradise is all well and good, but when the only thing to eat is bananas then it does get a little tedious.

But just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse a church missionary somehow manages to find his way to the island.

Original cast members Stephen Fletcher and Lindzi Germain are joined by a new cohort of islanders for this fun in the sun including Jake Abraham, Jamie Clarke, Guy Freeman, Abigail Middleton, Mia Molloy and Michael Starke.

Scouse Pacific is at Royal Court Liverpool from July 12 to August 10. Tickets HERE

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