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Striking new Liverpool Plinth sculpture unveiled

A new piece of art has been unveiled on the Liverpool Plinth.

Split Decision will be on show on the site - at Liverpool Parish Church on the waterfront - for the next 12 months.

The vibrant 4.5 metre (15ft) multicoloured sculpture explores themes of mental health and depression.

It has been created by award-winning Egyptian-born, North Yorkshire-based artist Sam Shendi and was chosen after a call went out for submissions from artists based in the North of England.

The sculptor said: "As with all my work, my hope is that Split Decision will have an impact on the people of Liverpool, both visually and emotionally, and stir a conversation about the issues of mental health and depression.

"Importantly, I want Split Decision to give hope to those going through dark times in their lives, so they know that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

"It's not every day you get the opportunity to showcase your work in a location as iconic as Liverpool's world famous waterfront."

Sam Shendi with his Split Decision sculpture

The Liverpool Plinth is the brainchild of the Liverpool BID Company in association with the Parish Church and dot-art.

The new sculpture replaces last year's winner, Gold Lamé - a suspended, bright gold car by Tony Heaton, which was originally commissioned as part of Art of the Lived Experiment for DaDaFest 2014 at the Bluecoat.

Along with having his sculpture shown for the next year, Shendi also wins a £1,000 prize.

Liverpool BID Company chief executive Bill Addy said: "The BID is committed to enhancing the Commercial District BID with thought-provoking, public art - creating an attractive environment for those who live and work in the area, and encouraging people from outside to visit and utilise the businesses located here.

"I should also mention the themes behind Sam’s work about mental illness, depression, and importantly, hope and faith. There's a positive message in there and I look forward to seeing how it resonates with people."

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