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Fabric District Arts Festival programme revealed

Liverpool’s Fabric District Arts Festival is returning for a second year with a busy programme of fashion happenings, art events and exhibitions, walks and film screenings.

The theme of this year’s festival – taking place from June 7-9 – is This Social Fabric and it aims to reflect the diversity of skills in the area.

The ‘Fabric District’ is centred around Kempston Street, sandwiched between London Road and Islington, and in an area formerly the heart of Liverpool’s rag trade.

It is now home to a growing number of artisans, artists, craftsmen and women and independent businesses who are working to refashion a sustainable future.

The festival includes the live premiere of a new score by Glaswegian musician Aidan Smith, composed for the 1929 silent documentary A Day in Liverpool; Q&As with film makers Peter Leeson and Lezli-An Barratt; a live fashion ‘happening’ featuring sustainable, innovative and locally-made wearable art, and a fashion exhibition featuring everything from Vivienne Westwood photos to CBeebies bug costumes.

A still from Nick Broomfield's 1971 documentary Who Cares being screened at The Tapestry

Contrast Mural Festival will see more than 20 new murals created in the district, painted by international artists including Ekto, Akse P19, Danny O’Connor and Sicovecas.

And there will also be an exhibition of work by the Bluecoat’s Bryan Biggs, workshops in the Fashion Hub and The Tapestry, and tours of the last remaining court housing in the city, led by Liz Stewart from the Museum of Liverpool.

Painter and digital artist, LJMU Professor John Hyatt, a member of the Fabric District CIC, said: “I believe in magic. Two years ago the Fabric District was just an idea a few people had and the Arts Festival was just my dream.

“Now people can visit, play, make, discuss and dance there - in a dream inside an idea. How cool is that? That is magic!”

The Fabric District Arts Festival runs from June 7-9. For more details on events, visit the Fabric District Facebook page HERE

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