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Stephen Fry brings Mythos to Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

Stephen Fry is set to embark on his first UK tour in almost 40 years – with three dates announced at Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall.

The actor, writer, comedian and and raconteur will present his Mythos: The Trilogy over three nights this September.

Mythos, Greek for ‘story’, will see Fry telling some of the world’s greatest stories about Greek Gods, Heroes and Men whose gripping tales still echo today.

With a vast knowledge of Greek mythology, the 61-year-old has too many stories even for three shows, so audiences will help choose which tales to tell – making Mythos a different show every time.

And while the three Mythos productions each stand alone, they also make a sequence so that those who attend all three will get to follow a satisfying story.

If you book for two shows you get a 10% discount, or 15% for all three nights.

Fry himself says: “I’m shivering and quivering with excitement at the thought of a tour, taking the astounding stories and characters from Greek myth around the UK.

“Three different shows over three different nights: people can come to one, two or three evenings, but whichever they choose I hope will be as exciting for the them as I know it will be for me.”

Mythos is at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on September 4-6. Tickets £45-£65.50 from the website HERE

Photo by David Cooper

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