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Giants to be retired after Liverpool's Dream reveals Royal de Luxe

Liverpool’s Giants Spectacular will be the last time Royal de Luxe’s massive marionettes will be seen anywhere in the world.

The Nantes-based street theatre magicians are set to retire their giant creations after Liverpool’s Dream next month – and 25 years after they made their first appearance on the streets of France.

Over the past quarter of a century the Giants have been seen by millions of people across six continents.

But now Royal de Luxe founder and artistic director Jean Luc Courcoult (pictured above with Joe Anderson) has announced it is time for the French company to look at new ways to create magical large-scale public spectacles.

Speaking at a special press conference in Liverpool today he said: “This will be the last Giants show we are doing.

“I’m also exploring other ideas at the same time. I’ve reached a point where I’m questioning myself, and there needs to be a change. Artists have to change and evolve. Evolution is part of the history of art and it’s always important to explore new avenues and go in new directions.”

Jean Luc also became emotional as he spoke about his love for Liverpool, saying: “Over time I’ve developed a real emotional connection with the people of Liverpool. From all the different cities I’ve been to for these events, Liverpool for me remains a bright star in the Milky Way.”

The Little Boy Giant is paying his first visit to Liverpool. Photo by Serge Koutchinsky

More details about the four-day Merseyside spectacle have also been revealed.

A giant sandal belonging to a bigger Giant even than the 50ft diver uncle is set to fall from the sky on to the roof of the Cunard Building next week.

It will then disappear and reappear in Princes Park, where it will stand upright in front of a football goal where children will be able to play games.

The giant uncle/diver will appear in New Brighton on a raft on October 5, having been swept there by storms.

Meanwhile Little Girl Giant’s Little Boy brother will appear in St George’s Hall where people are invited to visit him and join in a masked ball.

Jean Luc added: “This is the third event we’re going to do in Liverpool. The main in the street knows we’re going to give them something special. But you’ve always got to surprise people.”

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