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Liverpool Giant spectacular new locations revealed

New Brighton lighthouse and Liverpool’s Princes Park will be among the locations visited during the latest Giant spectacular.

Royal de Luxe’s Giants will spend a day in Wirral as part of Liverpool’s Dream, running from October 4-7, and both the landmark Perch Rock lighthouse and the South Liverpool park will become massive public stages for events on October 5.

The locations were revealed with the help of new artwork designed by city artist Alice Duke.

Duke, who also created work around the 2014 Royal de Luxe event, said: “After making work for the 2014 campaign it was an honour to be invited back to create a piece of artwork to promote the 2018 visitation.

“Seeing the Giants is always magical and surreal; I think the way Perch Rock Lighthouse emerges from the sea and sand matches that perfectly. It was a beautiful location to research and paint and will be a wonderful place to see the Giants.”

Liverpool’s Dream will be the third time the Nantes-based street theatre organisation has brought the Giants to the city, following the centenary of Titanic in 2012, and the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War two years later.

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