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Euphonia brings harmony to Liverpool's Bluecoat

Visitors are being encouraged to add their own voices to an exhibition with a difference at the Bluecoat.

Euphonia, the first large-scale solo show by artist Emma Smith, explores the idea that we are all musicians without realising it.

Smith is utilising the music, harmony and rhythmic patterns of conversation to create new artwork at the School Lane venue, developing a new form of musical scoring which captures the sound of human relationships and turning the gallery in to a sonic chamber.

And the 36-year-old has been working with groups and individuals who visit the Bluecoat, including The Choir With No Name and 20 Stories High, along with academics from Oxford, Cambridge and London universities who are experts on psychology, music and the brain.

Visitors will be able to read a tactile score and there will be a sound chamber where people are invited to add their own voice.

Bluecoat chief executive Mary Cloake says: “We’re delighted at Bluecoat to continue to break new ground through artistic and cultural commissions.

“After the Philosopher in Residence in 2015 and Sociologist in Residence last year, both unique ventures for a UK arts centre, we turn our attention to the music of communication through the groundbreaking work of Emma Smith and collaborating academics.”

A series of events will be arranged to complement the exhibition, and each week there will be an autism-friendly hour where the sound will be kept low.

Euphonia is at the Bluecoat from April 26 to June 24.

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