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Theatre at Liverpool's the Casa for the New Year

The Casa has a busy programme of visiting theatre productions lined up for January thanks to a new initiative with Julian Bond of Burjesta Theatre.

Kicking off the New Year is Christopher Marlowe’s Elizabethan tragedy Doctor Faustus, brought to the Hope Street venue by Off Topic Theatre Productions on January 4-5.

Come and watch the tragic story of Faustus unfold as he turns to magic having become dissatisfied with his mundane studies. Will his soul be saved, or will he be eternally doomed?

Then on January 20, Theatre at the Casa and Gary Skyner present a dramatized version of the Liverpool comedian’s own life and how it has been affected by the thalidomide drug his mother took during pregnancy.

The Bitterest Pill, by Joe Welsh, tells the story of how one small tablet changed a family forever. When Frances gave birth to son Gary, she knew her life was about to change, but not in the way she expected.

Frances could think of nothing but taking her child home and looking after him. But her husband Brian had different ideas - an institution was the best place for Gary, to allow the young couple to get on with their lives and have another child. Frances refused...

Peridot Productions visit the venue on January 22-24 with Harold Pinter’s absurdist play The Dumb Waiter.

Two hitmen wait in a basement to carry out a ‘job’ whilst a dumb waiter keeps delivering them food – that they didn’t ask for.

Finally, Hand In Hand Theatre presents a double bill of women’s theatre on January 25.

Baggage and S.P.A.C.E are one-act dramas written and directed by Bev Clark, and the evening promises ‘four women, two dramas, one rollercoaster of emotion’.

For more details and tickets visit the Ticket Source website HERE

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