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The Nativity comes to life at Liverpool Cathedral

It’s not unusual to see a traditional Nativity scene in a church. But this year Liverpool Cathedral is bringing the Holy Family to life in its own specially-commissioned Nativity production.

Hurry to Bethlehem, a musical interpretation of the Christmas story, has been penned by the cathedral’s assistant choral director Stephen Manning.

The free production, being performed as a special service, will feature the Cathedral Junior Choir made up of young people aged six to 14 from across the area.

Stephen Manning says: “This is the first time we’ve done anything like this. We’ve written everything from the score to producing a script and prop list from scratch.

“I came up with the idea after trying to pull together music from all different genres to fit our nativity production. It was a huge amount of work going from one resource to another and we couldn’t find what we wanted. It just seemed easier to write our own.

“As far as I know, we are the only cathedral to do this.”

Hurry to Bethlehem is at Liverpool Cathedral on November 25 at 3pm. More details on the website HERE.

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