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Baskerville cast revealed at Liverpool Playhouse

Never mind the stethoscopes - it's all about the sleuthing as Holby and Casualty team up to take on the leading roles in the Playhouse’s Christmas offering Baskerville.

Jay Taylor (Holby, Misfits, Prime Suspect 1973) is set to be Sherlock Holmes while Dr Martin ‘Ash’ Ashford, aka Patrick Robinson - returning to the Playhouse for the first time in a decade, will play Dr Watson in the festive show at the Williamson Square theatre.

The five-strong cast, who together will take on more than 30 roles, is completed by Bessie Carter, Ryan Pope, and Edward Harrison who also appeared in the 2014 show Sex and the Three Day Week.

After the rich landowner Sir Charles Baskerville is found dead, Holmes and Watson are quick onto the trail of a legendary hound that lives on the moors of Dartmoor, in a race against time to save the next heir to Baskerville Hall.

Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery is directed by Loveday Ingram and runs at the Playhouse from December 9 to January 13. Tickets from the website HERE

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