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RLPO brings Casablanca to life at the Phil

Join Rick, Ilsa and the RLPO at a very special screening of Casablanca in Liverpool next week – but hurry because tickets are selling fast.

The orchestra will play the score live while the Oscar-winning 1942 weepie is beamed on a big screen in the Philharmonic Hall.

And while there may or may not be a Sam to ‘play it’, there will be an entire symphony orchestra which means composer Max Steiner’s glorious score will sound even more vibrant and luminous.

Dirk Brossé conducts, and the film is being screened courtesy of Warner Bros Entertainment Inc.

The Phil is experienced at playing along with live screenings, and if Bogart and Bergman aren’t your thing (inexplicably, I mean, come on!) then you can also catch the orchestra performing live with 80s smash hit Back to the Future on December 30.

Casablanca Film With Live Orchestra is being screened at 2.30pm and 7.30pm on Saturday, October 14. Ticket availability from the website HERE.

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