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State of Mind Season at Liverpool's Unity Theatre

The Unity Theatre is the venue for a series of thought-provoking shows next week under the title of State of Mind Season.

It is all part of the Liverpool Mental Health Festival.

All Things Considered Theatre, in association with Papyrus and the Unity, are staging Most Things are Quiet, a play about young people, suicide and us, which takes its audience members, four at a time, out of the theatre and in to the streets of Liverpool.

Join the immersive audio experience from October 10-14 and listen in to the internal dialogue of one young man as he goes about his daily life.

Danish comedian and Edinburgh ‘best newcomer’ winner Sofie Hagen arrives at the Hope Place theatre on October 10 with Dead Baby Frog, which is described as anxiety safe but does look at the subject of emotional abuse.

Writer Brigitte Aphrodite’s My Beautiful Black Dog, on October 11-12, looks at the ‘complexity of our fragile minds’ and is billed as joyous, funny and hopeful.

Cheryl Martin - Alaska

Alaska, on October 12, sees writer, poet and performer Cheryl Martin visit the theatre with her acclaimed show about one woman’s extraordinary story of how she survived growing up with severe depression.

Audiences are promised a raw and powerful performance, with humour, heart and soul, stunning vocals, and beautiful imagery in the storytelling.

Live Before You Die, on October 13, is performed by Byron Vincent and directed by Dave McGinn.

Byron is a bipolar performance artist, Dave only communicates in insults. Together they must find a way to fix Byron's broken soul before it's too late.

And finally, the Unity Youth Theatre presents Umbrelephant on October 14. Stressed? Overworked? Need some time out? Sit back, relax and enjoy some group therapy.

For more information on any of the shows, and to buy tickets, visit the Unity Theatre website HERE.

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