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Tate Liverpool unveils new Roy Lichtenstein show

Work by Pop Art pioneer Roy Lichtenstein goes on show at Tate Liverpool this week – and the exhibition is free to view.

ARTIST ROOMS Roy Lichtenstein In Focus is being staged at the Albert Dock gallery from September 22 until June 17 next year.

The show is a rare chance to see such a large number of Lichtenstein paintings in the region, with around 20 artworks, including reliefs and works on paper, going on display.

New York-born Lichtenstein, who died 20 years ago this month, often worked with giant cavasses and his technique mimicked the dots often seen in comics and commercial newsprint.

Among the work being exhibited are major paintings like In The Car 1963 – one of Lichtenstein’s early forays in to turning heightened emotional moments depicted in popular culture in to art, Wall Explosion II 1965, and Reflections: Art 1988.

Set of dinnerware objects designed by Roy Lichtenstein

The exhibition also includes a number of large-scale screen prints from ARTIST ROOMS, a collection of more than 1,600 works of art jointly owned by Tate and National Galleries Scotland, which show the artist’s trademark use of hand-painted dots, as well as rarer works painted on plastic.

There is only the second screening in Europe of a triptych of rare silent film works, titled Three Landscapes, which Lichtenstein created in conjunction with Universal Studios in 1970.

And visitors can also see sculptural art, and a set of dinnerware objects from 1966, including a cup and saucer, soup dish, and plates.

Curator Darren Pih says: “ARTIST ROOMS is a focus on a single artist, an expanded presentation of their work. We have previously done this with Matisse, and more recently with Tracey Emin and William Blake.

“Roy Lichtenstein is someone who almost needs no introduction."

Reflections: Art 1988. ARTIST ROOMS Tate and National Galleries of Scotland. Lent by Private Collection, Courtesy of The Roy Lichtenstein Foundation 2015. © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein/DACS 2017

Top: In the Car 1963. National Galleries of Scotland. Photography Antonia Reeve. © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein/DACS 2016.

On Friday afternoon, Lichtenstein’s widow Dorothy will be in the city to take part in a special event at Tate Liverpool, appearing alongside Jack Cowart, executive director of the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation and Anthony d’Offay, founder of ARTIST ROOMS, chaired by Darren Pih. Tickets are £5.

And on Friday evening from 6pm Tate is hosting a free Pop Art Party to celebrate the launch. More on the website HERE.

ARTIST ROOMS: Lichtenstein in Focus is at Tate Liverpool from September 22 to June 17 2018.

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