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LightNight 2017

LightNight has revealed eight new commissions for this year's after hours cultural celebrations.

They include performances at the city's two cathedrals, an immersive experience in the catacombs at St George's Hall, and an audio-visual installation "to manipulate the mind".

LightNight takes place on Friday, May 19 this year.

Along with the usual throwing open of the doors at the city's arts and cultural establishments, the new commissions feature:

  • Bloom at St George's Hall - a site-specific immersive performance by Laura Campbell and Adam Sloan in the hall's catacombs, which will use sound, light and mist.

  • A giant 'vocal jam' at Liverpool Cathedral led by Tracey Carmen and involving a community choir singing songs of the past 50 years. DJ Greg Wilson will also play a set, and there will be a live jam singing workshop.

  • Light artist Andy McKeown returns to LightNight, this time creating an installation at the Metropolitan Cathedral, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in May.

  • Where the Time Goes, a sound installation by artist Jonathan Raisin, made using three found objects at LJMU's John Foster Garden (a bin, bench and shrine).

  • Merseyside Dance Initiative (MDI) bringing together community groups and professional dance artists at the waterfront.

  • Paperwork Theatre's time travelling street theatre performances across the city centre.

  • Artist Raphaella Davies and set, prop and costume designer Alexandra Morton joining forces at Gostin's Building in Hanover Street to create an immersive, reactive performance inspired by Samuel Beckett's Happy Days.

  • A new large-scale work by artists Logan & Wilcox, who return after last year's event.

More information on LightNight on the website where you can also pre-order festival brochures.

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