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The Passion Plays at Liverpool Cathedral

The Passion Plays return to Liverpool Cathedral this weekend.

Whom Do You Seek? takes place on Palm Sunday, April 9, and uses the interior of the monumental sandstone building to dramatise the Last Supper, trial of Christ and the crucifixion.

Even the cathedral's Great George bell will be brought in to action for the event, tolling at the point Jesus is betrayed and when the disciple Peter denies him.

The promenade performance leads its audience around the interior of the building as scenes unfold, and there is also a participatory element in the production.

Co-author and director, Dan Bishop says: "We've learned and refined the plays each year, as we see how scenes work, as we get a sense of audience reaction and as the cast grows and develops their confidence and understanding of the text.

"This keeps it fresh and exciting for the cast and a new experience for visitors.

"To see the crucifixion on the Dulverton Bridge creates a powerful, poignant moment for the drama. It never fails to move people."

The Liverpool Passion is on Sunday, April 9 and starts at 4.30pm, following Choral Evensong at 3pm.

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