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Danger Tree show returns to Liverpool waterfront

A unique 'augmented reality' art exhibition inspired by the poetry of the First World War has returned to Liverpool to go on show on the city’s waterfront once again.

Artists Marc Marot and Scarlett Raven first showcased The Danger Tree exhibition at the former Granada building on the Albert Dock last year.

Now the show – staged in a recreation of a bombed-out First World War French gallery - is back, this time at the Pier Head Village, where visitors can see and experience it throughout the summer months.

Danger Tree features a number of paintings created painstakingly layer by layer by the artists.

As you enter the gallery, headphones and smart-enabled devices use Blippar - a world leader in the field of augmented art - to bring the exhibition to life. Simply hover the device in front of a painting and unlock the hidden interactive story inspired the original artwork.

You can appreciate the beautiful brush strokes of Scarlett Raven while being inspired by digital artwork created by Marc Marot, regarded as the world’s first augmented reality (“AR”) fine artists, as poems by soldiers such as Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon and Rupert Brooke are narrated by British actors including Sean Bean, Christopher Eccleston and Liverpool’s own Stephen Graham.

A bespoke music score for each piece has been composed by film composer Marc Canham.

And the new show also features a new work - specially dedicated to the city and entitled Years Ahead. The painting was inspired by the sinking of Cunard’s RMS Lusitania in 1915 and features verse read by Cold Feet actress Karen David.

Marc Marot says: “The response we received in Liverpool last year was incredible, so we were thrilled to be able to bring it back. Being surrounded by the historic architecture of the Pier Head and iconic waterfront seemed a fitting location to bring The Danger Tree.

“For us it is about celebrating our heritage we can’t wait to begin telling old stories in a new way.”

The Danger Tree is being staged in Mann Island’s gallery space (unit 3) at the south side of the Pier Head Village until September 10.

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