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YNWA returns to Liverpool Royal Court stage

Nicky Allt’s celebration of Liverpool Football Club returns to the Royal Court stage this week.

YNWA - Let’s Talk About Six…Baby runs from July 29 to September 3 at the Roe Street theatre.

Jake Abraham, Mark Moraghan and Lindzi Germain are among the cast who are also returning for the 2022 version of the hit show which takes its audience on a journey through 125 years of footballing history using songs from the terraces.

And new songs and scenes have been added to bring it bang up to date from its last outing in 2017 – since which the club has lifted a sixth Champions League trophy and won the Premier League title to name just two successes.

Allt says: “We're back again to sing our songs, chant our chants and pay homage to our football team in Red, our fans and the great times we've had of recent under Mr Jurgen Klopp.

“He is, for me, the best football manager on the planet and we would all love him to pop in and see the story of the club he has managed so well. Well, we'll just have to wait and see!

“While I'm on, a last hurrah is needed, because since our last show we've lost many of our greatest legends so here is a chance to say a grand farewell to Sir Roger Hunt, Ian St John, Tommy Smith, Tommy Lawrence and Ray Clemence, who all left us in the last few years. What legends they are and... always will be.”

YNWA also stars Lenny Wood, Spencer Butt, Matt Connor, Ben Gladwin, Adam Keast, Lydia Morales-Scully and Daniel Ross.

YNWA - Let’s Talk About Six…Baby is at Liverpool’s Royal Court from July 29 to September 3. Tickets HERE


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