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Yep brings its new Macbeth to the Bombed Out Church

Young actors from the Everyman and Playhouse are taking their latest production outside for a five-show run in the Bombed Out Church this month.

Members of YEP will perform Shakespeare’s bloody tragedy Macbeth at St Luke’s in Leece Street from July 21-25.

In this new adaptation, street corners replace kingdoms, there are pocket knives rather than broadswords, and gangs instead of armies – as well as a female Macbeth.

The show was due to be staged last summer, but like so many other productions has been postponed from its original dates.

Chris Tomlinson, associate director at Young Everyman Playhouse, says: “It's a really exciting, thrilling prospect visiting this work through the lens of young people. They’re all playing within their age, set on the streets of Liverpool, and it's given it a lease of life I know I’ve never seen before.

"It's passionate, naive, beautiful and heart-breaking.

“Our young actors are as ambitious as the titular role itself, with a house band and performances guaranteed to wow. We can't wait to share our interpretation of this incredible story.”

Macbeth is at St Luke’s the Bombed Out Church from July 21-25. Tickets HERE

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