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The Cosmic tale coming to Liverpool's Royal Court

Plunge into a Cosmic Scouse world at the Royal Court Studio next week with the premiere of a new comedy by first-time playwright Joe McNally.

Cosmic, opening on March 22, is billed as a story about what happens when you look a bit too hard at everyday life for a little bit too long.

Vinnie knows things, things the average man on the street doesn’t even think about.

He knows about truth and freedom and how they are being suppressed. He also knows about the dangers of 5G - and that tuna is a terrible topping for a pizza.

But Vinnie’s teenager daughter Kirsty also knows things, like how people call her dad a Cosmic Scouser, and also how he was fine until his own dad died. And she’d like the old Vinnie back again.

Writer Joe McNally says: “Cosmic touches on some contemporary themes, but at its core it deals with things in life we all have to face up to.

“I’m hoping audiences will enjoy the ride – and not leave too paranoid about who killed JFK!”

The show is directed by Deborah Yhip and stars Clare Hackett, Connor Henry, Andy McLeod, Mark Rice-Oxley and Kalli Tant.

Cosmic is at the Royal Court Studio from March 22 to April 8. Tickets HERE


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