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Star of Wonder premieres at Theatre Porto this Christmas

Theatre Porto is staging a magical and imaginative Christmas story for family audiences this season packed with clowning and puppetry.

The Ellesmere Port company, previously called Action Transport Theatre, has teamed up with award-winning Theatre Pomodoro for the first time, and together they will present Star of Wonder from December 5-21.

Three travellers follow a star, falling out, getting lost and overcoming obstacles on their journey.

The production has been created with the help of ideas from youngsters at local primary schools and is designed to be as welcoming and accessible as possible with the story told through music, shadow puppetry and physical comedy.

It is directed by Theatre Porto’s Nina Hajiyianni and stars Carmen Arquelladas, Jordan Connerty, Nikki Hill, Miwa Nagai and Simone Tani.

Star of Wonder is at Theatre Porto in Ellesmere Port from December 5-21. Tickets HERE


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