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LOOK Climate Lab at Liverpool's Open Eye Gallery

Liverpool’s Open Eye Gallery is being turned into a laboratory for artists and researchers to come together and look at the topic of climate change.

LOOK Climate Lab, at the Mann Island venue until March 31, is a biennial programme which aims to explore how photographer can be a ‘relevant and powerful’ medium for exploring the pressing issue.

Gallery 1 is hosting projects working with the impacts of war, industrial heritage, aviation and their interconnections with climate change, including work by Stephanie Wynne, Nazar Furyk, Mishka Henner, John Davies, Mario Popham and Lizzie King

Meanwhile Gallery 2 shows projects working with the topics of food sovereignty, community growing and nature-friendly farming. 

A complementary events programme includes the official launch on February 8 of the We Feed the UK project, with sustainable photography, eco-poetry workshops, poetry readings, artists’ talks and panel discussions.

Gallery 3 will be turned into a cinema, showing Grow to Eat, Imagine Bamboo and The Balance Garden – short films about community growing, sustainable building and gardening to promote mental health.

Above: John Davies' From Cirrus Aviaticus. Top: URUGO by Hellen Songa.

Open Eye Gallery curator Max Gorbatskyi said: “We’re affecting the world around us, often in ways which we don’t even recognise. When taking a photograph today, it’s probable you capture a result or a cause of the climate crisis since its manifestations are ubiquitously around us. 

“Photography provides us with a means to trace the changes we cause or the changes we can make to tackle climate change today. Photographs can visualise the approaches and possible actions we can take to address the problems and bring change.

We’ve invited artists, researchers and partners from different domains to share their observations and ideas on how we can make human-nature relationships more sustainable and fair.”

LOOK Climate Lab is at the Open Eye Gallery on Mann Island from today until March 31.


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