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Liverpool to receive £2m towards new centre for music talent

Liverpool could get a new waterfront attraction and education centre in plans to celebrate the city’s music heritage and invest in future talent.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a £2m boost in his autumn budget for what he told a packed House of Commons would be a “new Beatles attraction”.

The announcement prompted a storm of comments on social media about whether there was the need for another venue dedicated to the band in a city which already boasts two Beatles museums and a host of other Beatle-related sites.

But Liverpool council bosses, who are leading on the plans, say the venue – tentatively called The Pool – will be about more than simply celebrating the Fab Four and their legacy.

Instead, they say the new venue - to be sited at an undisclosed waterfront location - will build on Liverpool’s status as a UNESCO City of Music and its rich musical heritage (both pop and classical) to create what is being described as “a unique collection of visitor experiences” and music performances, and will be aligned to Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) as a “centre for elite and emerging talent and a place to bring artists, communities and ideas together”.

It is likely to include a secondary school for 'distadvantaged children', and additional rehearsal space for the RLPO as well as a 'global visitor attraction'.

City bosses say a new waterfront attraction won't just be about The Beatles - despite Rishi Sunak's announcement

The £2m will be used to fund the initial development phase of the project, likely to include a feasibility study which will help in considering costs and timescales for the planned venue.

Mayor of Liverpool Joanne Anderson says: “This city is synonymous with incredible music and The Pool will create a world-class visitor attraction, a blueprint for the future of music education, but most importantly it will create opportunities and joy for the people of this city.”

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries adds: "If anything personifies Levelling Up, it's the story of The Beatles. They came from humble backgrounds in Liverpool and went on to be the most important band in history.

“This funding will help unlock opportunities so that any child, no matter what corner of Liverpool they come from, or beyond, can become the next Lennon or McCartney."


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