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Live Comedy coming to Liverpool venues in 2023

Liverpool’s been called a capital of comedy and has certainly punched above its weight when it comes to giving the world funnymen and women.

So it’s perhaps no surprise we love having a laugh – and that comedians from across the country – and beyond – bring their live shows to the city’s many venues.

Along with bespoke comedy hot spots like Laughterhouse, Hot Water Comedy Club and Liverpool Comedy Club, star names and rising talents also perform at mainstream locations like the Philharmonic Hall, Epstein Theatre, Royal Court Studio and M&S Bank Arena.

The next 12 months are no exception, and comedy fans are in for a treat with a host of names heading for the city with their latest live stand-up shows.

Here’s who you can catch where during 2023.

Liverpool Empire

Russell Howard

May 25-27

As we reel from one global crisis to another, why not join comedian Russell Howard (the ‘uplifting comedy king’) as he puts the world to rights in his own unique way over three nights at the Liverpool Empire.

Howard’s latest Liverpool visit is part of a wider UK tour with his new stand-up show.

Frankie Boyle

June 27

Frankie Boyle brings his new show Lap of Shame to the Empire for one night only.

Buy a ticket, because by the time he arrives the currency will be worthless, and you and your neighbours part of a struggling militia that could probably use a few laughs.

Warning (if you need it): The show will include strong language.

Philharmonic Hall

John Richardson: The Knitwit

January 12-13

Fans of the diffident comedian have had to wait to see him – this show was postponed from November, but such is Richardson’s popularity that demand means he’s also now playing an extra date.

Will the recycling be put out on the right day? Who is going to smooth over the top of the margarine? And how many lights are on upstairs when everyone is downstairs? Watch Richardson pretend these aren’t his main concerns as he heads out on tour.

Harry Hill: Pedigree Fun!

January 23

Harry Hill is back with new jokes in an all-singing, all-dancing one man spectacular which he’s promised will be a ‘very silly show’.

The Liverpool audience will meet Hill’s new baby elephant Sarah and Ian the information worm, while the doctor-turned-comedian will also be joined by his famous sidekick, Stouffer the Cat.

Stewart Lee: Basic Lee

February 11

After decades of “high concept shows involving overarched interlinked narratives, massive sets and enormous comedy props”, Stewart Lee enters the post-pandemic world in streamlined stand-up mode.

Expect one man, one mic – and one mic in the wings in case the one on stage breaks! Pure, simple, classic, basic Lee. Apparently.

Babatunde Aleshe: Babahood

March 24 (Music Room)

Comedian – and multi award-winning star of Celebrity Gogglebox – Babatunde Aleshe (pictured) talks family and fatherhood in what is a highly-anticipated debut tour.

If you’ve seen him on TV (Jonathan Ross’s Comedy Club, Mo Gilligan’s Black, British and Funny) now’s the chance to see Aleshe in the flesh too. But only if you’ve already got a ticket as his Music Room show is already a sell-out.

Also at the Liverpool Playhouse on October 7.

Sara Pascoe: Success Story

April 20

Pascoe decided at 14 that she wanted to be famous and since then she has auditioned for Barrymore, scared Pete Burns and ruined Hugh Grant’s birthday. But look at her now!

The comedian, writer and actor wrote and starred in the recent BBC2 sitcom Out of Her Mind, and when she’s not writing best-selling books and creating successful podcasts, you can find her on the Great British Sewing Bee.

Laughterhouse Live

May 20

Laughterhouse returns to the Philharmonic Hall after a successful Christmas show, promising a fantastic line up of top comedians to tickle its audience’s ribs.

David O’Doherty, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Clinton Baptiste, Mick Miller, Emmanuel Sonubi and Paul Sinha are currently on the bill, with Chris Cairns acting as MC for what should be a hilarious night of comedy.

Phil Wang: Wang in There, Baby

June 18

Hot on the heels of his critically acclaimed Netflix special, David Letterman appearance and role on Life and Beth with Amy Schumer, Phil Wang is bringing a new stand-up show to the Philharmonic Hall.

Expect the comedian and writer to chat race, family, nipples…and everything else that’s been going on in his ‘Philly little life’.

Royal Court Liverpool

Rob Newman Live on Stage

January 13/21

Fresh from his BBC Radio 4 series Rob Newman On Air, the award-winning comedian is promising a stand-up epic of a new show which goes from cave paintings to car-free cities to ask who are we? Where are we going? And do spiders fly?

The 58-year-old tells a story of how dancing in step saved prehistoric humans, and how new scientific discoveries may help us take the right steps to a life after oil.

Mike Wozniak: Zusa

February 7

Hirsute comedian, writer and actor Mike Wozniak (pictured) (Man Down, Small Scenes, Taskmaster) comes to the Royal Court Studio with his new touring show Zusa.

Ever wondered how Wozniak’s great-aunt Zusa made it from Poland to Luton with a war nipping at her heels? Well, here’s your chance to find out.

Glenn Moore

February 9

Edinburgh Comedy Award best show nominee Glenn Moore brings his acclaimed live show – Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me, Glenn I’m Sixty Moore – to Liverpool in 2023.

Expect a high-energy barrage of the most jokes you’ve ever heard humanely fit into one stand-up show from one of the best joke writers around.

Josie Long: Re-enchantment

February 11

Humanity, compassion and some brief political rants infuse Josie Long’s new stand-up show Re-enchantment, which has been inspired by the words of feminist writer Lola Olufemi who said: “After defeat, re-enchantment is necessary.”

Expect musings on the changes wrought by time, passion, moving to Scotland and loving the world under difficult circumstances.

Eddie Fortune: Single

February 18

Fortune is single, ageing and desperate. In 2019 he dated a Margaret Thatcher-loving Tory while at the height of his career, playing a crab in panto in Bolton. It didn’t last.

From dating musical theatre producers to evil maths teachers from Dudley to red headed spiritualists from Rock Ferry, Fortune shares a life reliant on wine, one night stands and red flags.

Rachel Fairburn: Can I Be Awful?

February 24

What’s wrong with saying how you see it, why is Fairburn’s ‘truth’ not accepted…and why are you so annoying?

Probably because nobody tells you that you are. Until now that is.

Catch the comedian – and co-host of comedy podcast All Killa No Filla – as she brings her solo tour to the Royal Court Studio this February.

Simon Munnery: Trials and Tribulations

February 25

Twenty years ago in Edinburgh, Simon Munnery was arrested for “being German in a built-up area”. It wasn’t an early brush with cancel culture, but it did lead to a trial.

Now for the first time the British Comedy Award nominee tells the story of this trial, a second more recent court appearance – and various other distressing life occurrences which he will turn into comedy gold. There may even be a song.

Unity Theatre

Fern Brady: Autistic Bikini Queen

February 11

Comedy reviewer-turned-comedian Fern Brady opens the Unity’s comedy programme for 2023 with an additional date for her fifth solo show Autistic Bikini Queen.

The fearless funny woman has been seen on a host of TV shows including Live at the Apollo, Jonathan Ross’s Comedy Club and Frankie Boyle’s New World Order. Now catch her live.

Sophie Duker: Hag

February 24

Comedian and writer Sophie Duker’s favourite things include breaking hearts, taking names and telling jokes with the confidence of a straight middle-class white man.

Her Edinburgh Fringe show Venus saw her nominated for the ‘best newcomer’ award and garnered five-star reviews, and she’s been garnering fans ever since.

TV appearances include Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week and Taskmaster.

Jayde Adams: Men, I Can Save You

March 16

Jayde Adams (pictured) steps off the Strictly dancefloor and back on to the comedy stage with her new (postponed from last October) stand-up show Men, I Can Save You.

Change is always hard, and what better person to lead the men selflessly by the hand into the new world than multi award-winning comedian and actress Adams?

Everyman and Playhouse

Guz Khan Live

January 28

Coventry’s finest brings his big-screen persona and BAFTA-nominated hilarity to Liverpool Playhouse for one night only.

Comedian, impressionist and actor Khan is the creator and star of the BBC’s Man Like Mobeen and has made appearances on shows including The Last Leg, Taskmaster, Live at the Apollo and Netflix’s Turn Up Charlie.

Suzi Ruffell – Snappy

April 28

Suited and booted multi award-nominated stand-up comedian, writer and actress Suzi Ruffell (pictured) makes her Liverpool Everyman debut in 2023 with her new live show.

Snappy is all about settling down (but not settling), becoming a mother (without being mumsy) and still worrying about everything – of course, have you SEEN the news?!

John Robins – Howl

November 17

Edinburgh Comedy Award winner John Robins is embarking on his first live stand-up tour for four years, with a date at the Playhouse this November.

If you’ve seen him before you’ll know to expect rage, anxiety and a lot of laughs. If you haven’t, you might want to strap in for the ride.

Bridget Christie – Who Am I?

November 18

Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award winning comedian Bridget Christie can’t ride the motorbike she bought to combat her mid-life crisis because of early osteoarthritis in her hips and RSI in her wrist; and wonders why there are so many films, made by men, about young women discovering their sexuality, but none about middle-aged women forgetting theirs.

If you relish a menopause laugh-a-minute with a confused, furious, sweaty lady who is annoyed by everything then this is the show for you.

Sam Avery – How to Be a Terrible Parent

November 22

Here’s one for the mums and dads out there from Liverpool’s own Sam Avery who comes to the Playhouse this November.

You’re a good parent, right? You love your kids. They’re everything to you.

You make them eat vegetables and avoid petty crime. You read bedtime stories and don’t let them play with chainsaws.

So why the nagging feeling that you could do better?

In a world filled with bad advice, empty mantras and online ‘experts’, how do we celebrate the small victories of parenthood and stop ourselves from feeling truly terrible?

Lucy Beaumont – The Trouble and Strife

November 24

An award-winning comedian before she met John Richardson, Lucy Beaumont is on her way to Liverpool as part of a UK tour in which she’s going to let loose and let slip on her rollercoaster world.

And life through the Beaumont lens is promised to be more surreal than you could ever imagine.

M&S Bank Arena

Peter Kay Live

January 6-7

Peter Kay has been overwhelmed by the response to his return to the stage for the first time in 12 years.

The Farnworth-born, Bolton-raised comedian, actor and writer comes to the M&S Bank Arena for two memorable nights with a show which is as reflective as it is funny.

His 2010 tour was a record-breaker, being seen by 1.2 million people, and with demand for tickets so strong for his return, this latest outing could potentially beat that.

Chris and Rosie Ramsey: S**ged, Married, Annoyed

December 14

Following the success of their podcast, which has had more than 100 million downloads, Chris and Rosie Ramsay are on the road with a new live show which is heading to arenas across the country.

The couple have been busy. Apart from the podcast, they enjoyed a sell-out Guinness World Record-breaking 2020 tour, a late-night BBC chat show and a number one best-selling book.


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