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International Women's Day show at Liverpool Arts Bar

A special free pop-up exhibition featuring the work of five female artists is taking place at Liverpool Arts Bar to mark International Women’s Day.

The March 8 event is part of a wider programme of exhibitions planned in the Hope Street venue this spring and summer.

It will showcase the work of Katie Pinch, Katie Gerrard, Sarah Armstrong, Eileen Nicholson and Steph Jones, and will be followed in the evening by live performances from a range of talented female musicians who have been brought together especially for the event.

Katie Pinch is a Wirral based graphic illustrator whose work focuses on narrative-based pieces, and for this exhibition she will be looking at contradictions of femininity using natural and historic themes.

Painter Katie Gerrard is the founder of the art company Nivaeh Nine. Her subject matter is mainly nature based, covering gardens, forests, coastlines and animals, and her work for this International Women’s Day exhibition looks at how females fit into the natural environment.

Above: Eileen Nicholson. Top: Katie Pinch. Photos by Laura McCann

Multimedia artist Sarah Armstrong will show a series of paintings that celebrate the nude female form in its many guises.

Meanwhile Eileen Nicholson held her first exhibition last year at the age of 70, after being in her 50s when she started painting for the first time since childhood.

Exhibition organiser Laura McCann says: “Eileen is living proof that art doesn't recognise age and despite having a huge catalogue of work, she’s produced new pieces for the exhibition, which feature the women that have personally inspired her.”

All the artwork will be accompanied by framed authored quotes written for the event by Steph Jones, founder of Self Care Visuals which promotes wellbeing.

The International Women's Day exhibition is at Liverpool Arts Bar in Hope Street on March 8.


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