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Hope Street Theatre premiere for play about family and fertility

A new one-act drama exploring issues of fertility, faith, loss, guilt and self-worth is coming to the Hope Street Theatre this month.

Tick Tock, written by Debra Redcliffe and directed by Margaret Connell, will be at the venue from June 23-25.

In it, three heart-warming stories are woven together by their ‘biological clocks’ and by one everyman husband or boyfriend.

Sarah is desperate to be a mum, but has she left it too late? Will Jenna realise she already has the perfect family? And Pauline longs to be accepted as she is – but will she find love?

The cast includes Sean Jones (Blood Brothers, Macbeth), Emma Vaudrey, Debra Redcliffe and Lisa McMahon.

Redcliffe, who is making her playwriting debut with Tick Tock, says: “The play questions whether being married with 2.4 children is a cornerstone of happiness, or is there an alternative narrative?”

The production, which is supported by Arts Council England, has itself supported Liverpool women’s group WHISC to raise issues explored in the play within the local community.

Tick Tock is at the Hope Street Theatre from June 23-25 at 8pm. Tickets HERE


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