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A chance to Love Liverpool at the Playhouse

The everyday stories which make Liverpool extraordinary are being told in Love, Liverpool which opens at the Playhouse tomorrow.

Nathan McMullen, Helen Carter, Aron Julius, Chloë Clarke and Jennifer Varda star in the new homegrown production inspired by the Everyman and Playhouse’s collaborative digital pandemic project Love, Liverpool: An A-Z of Hope.

Writer Chloë Moss, who was part of the original project, has woven its ‘letters’ commissioned from artists and others during last year’s lockdown with new material.

The show celebrates the people and places which make the city what it is – threading together stories and shared spaces in moments of interaction and connection.

Nathan Powell direct, and there is video design by Tracey Gibbs.

The original Love, Liverpool: An A-Z of Hope involved people including author and screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce, poets Roger McGough and Amina Atiq, actors Cathy Tyson and David Morrissey and playwrights Jonathan Harvey and Luke Barnes.

And their words and voices featured in seven ‘letters’ – On Our Way to Liverpool; Home is Where Your Hope Is; A Good Night Out; Goodbye Liverpool…for now; Scouse Exceptionalism; Liverpool Family, and So Much More.

Love, Liverpool is at the Playhouse from August 5-14. Tickets HERE


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