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Tate Liverpool stages European premiere of famous Minujín installation

Tate Liverpool has announced it will host the first UK solo show for Argentinian experimental artist Marta Minujín.

The Royal Albert Dock gallery will stage a new version of Minujín’s ground-breaking immersive installation artwork La Menesunda this autumn – only the third time it has been exhibited since it was premiered in 1965, and the first time in Europe.

The work was created as a direct response to street life in Buenos Aires. Its title is slang for mayhem, and the work is designed to stimulate all five senses.

It will take Tate visitors on a journey through 11 distinct spaces, including a tunnel of bright neon signs, a bedroom complete with a married couple in bed, and a salon with makeup artists offering their services.

The presentation of the work, which was designed in partnership with the late Rubén Marta Minujín Santantonín and originally staged at the Center of Visual Arts of the Instituto Torcuato di Tella in Buenos Aires, will be accompanied by an archival display and films documenting Minujín’s career from 1960 to the present day. Tate Liverpool director Helen Legg said: “Marta Minujín has been a pioneer throughout her career and her thoughtful, experimental and provocative work deserves to be seen more widely in the UK.

“It’s with great pride that Tate Liverpool brings La Menesunda, one of Marta’s most iconic works, to the city.

"I’m sure visitors will enjoy the wit and freedom of expression that the installation exudes.”

Marta Minujín’s La Menesunda is at Tate Liverpool from October 28 to January 17 2021.

Top: The artist Marta Minujin in Menesunda Reloaded New Museum, New York 2019 © Marta Minujín. Photo: Sol Navedo para AXP. © Marta Minujín Archive

Above: Marta Minujín, Menesunda Reloaded at New Museum, New York 2019 © Marta Minujin.Photo: Sol Navedo para AXP

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