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Hard hats and big laughs at the Epstein

Playwright David Spicer’s latest show gets its world premiere in Liverpool next week.

Health and Safety is being brought to the stage at the Epstein by Northern Comedy Theatre on February 28-29.

When the country’s top health and safety officers gather for their annual national conference what could possibly go wrong?

Disaster abounds in what is being billed as a hysterically rude and wonderfully un-politically correct comedy about the people on a mission to stop us climbing trees, playing conkers or putting our poodles in the microwave.

David Spicer is a TV and radio writer whose other stage work includes Raising Martha, Long Live the Mad Parade, Superheroes and Stop! ….The Play.

He said: 'I’m thrilled my latest play is being premiered in the great city of Liverpool.

“We’ve had so much fun bringing it to the stage and can't wait for people to see it. I am sure they will have a fun night with us and it's not often you get the chance to see a world premiere and to say... I was there!”

Health and Safety is at the Epstein Theatre on February 28-29. Tickets HERE

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