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YEP presents Animal Farm at Liverpool Everyman

George Orwell’s 75-year-old biting anti-Stalinist satire will be brought to life for modern audiences in a new stage version at the Liverpool Everyman next week.

YEP (Young Everyman Playhouse) presents Liverpool playwright Laurence Wilson’s adaptation of the classic allegorical novella from February 12 to 15.

Animal Farm marks a return to the Everyman stage for Wilson whose previous productions at the theatre include Urban Legend and Lost Monsters.

And the YEP production is supported by LIPA set design and stage management students.

Farmer Jones is drunk and neglectful so his livestock, led by pigs Napoleon and Snowball, plot to revolt and instead build a utopian society in which all animals are equal.

However, things soon start to unravel as the promised equality and prosperity fails to materialise and it finally becomes evident that while all animals are equal – some are more equal than others.

YEP associate director Chris Tomlinson said: “Animal Farm is an incredible, timeless play and it couldn’t be more current for the political climate we find ourselves in today.

“I feel we always need to call things out and challenge those who are in power, and I think this play shows the dangers of what happens if we don’t. Bringing a play like this in challenges perceptions and thoughts.”

Animal Farm is at Liverpool Everyman from February 12-15. Tickets HERE

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