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FACT looks forward to imagine a harmonious future

FACT’s new autumn exhibition asks its visitors to imagine a future world without division.

you feel me_ transforms the Wood Street venue's its galleries into alternative worlds, promising a ‘sanctuary of healing’.

Curator-in-residence Helen Starr has brought together multisensory artworks including 360° virtual reality experiences and a neon-lit restaurant orbiting in space to create an immersive exhibition which encompasses virtual reality, AI, video and game design and ceramics.

Interactive works are suspended in air, float in a hazy mist and explode on to walls.

The show features a mixture of new commissions and existing artworks, with the exhibiting artists being Rebecca Allen, Megan Broadmeadow, Anna Bunting-Branch, Phoebe Collings-James, Brandon Covington Sam-Sumana, Aliyah Hussain and Salma Noor.

A series of related events taking place during the exhibition’s run include a cult film season featuring classics like Barbarella, and artist-led tour with ROOT-ed Zine and video game adventures.

Above: FACT. Top: Anna Bunting-Branch's Warm Worlds and Otherwise. Photo by Wilf Speller

Starr said: “It has been a privilege to be a resident here, in multicultural Liverpool - I am much changed from the experience. The team at FACT have taken a group of interwoven ideas and developed them into a beautifully ordered exhibition.”

FACT director Nicola Triscott added: “Helen has brought together an extraordinary group of artists to explore how prejudice is perpetuated in the systems that underpin society.

“The exhibition features an array of dazzling artworks, which suggest connections between societally engrained systems of power and the built-in biases of video games, artificial life and VR, and consider how we might move towards a place of healing.”

you feel me_is at FACT until February 23 2020.

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