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Turntable Theatre takes to the dancefloor at Invisible Wind Factory

Liverpool-based TurnTable Theatre is set to showcase the result of its latest work in the rehearsal room in three performances at the Invisible Wind Factory this week.

Four to the Floor will see creatives from the company presenting around 85 minutes of material in a promenade-style piece, described as ‘immersive theatre with an electronic heartbeat’.

The show combines a club night out with stories of illegal raves, warehouse parties, political movements, youth culture, headline acts and superstar DJs as it uncovers the history of dance music and the invention of the Four to the Floor beat synonymous with every dance record.

TurnTable Theatre was founded by co-artistic directors Matt Rutter and Chris Tomlinson and producer Sarah Lovell, with support from the Unity Theatre.

This new show is devised and performed by Eithne Browne, Paul Duckworth, Paislie Reid and Rachel Worsley, along with a company of BA actors from LIPA, and in collaboration with writers Robert Farquhar and Connor Wray.

Sound design is by Stephen Hull and set design from Andrew Tomlinson while there are additional visuals from Illuminos.

Four to the Floor is at the Invisible Wind Factory in Regent Road on May 29 and 30. Tickets HERE

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