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LIPA shows travel to heart of migration debate

Themes of migration are explored in new work being staged this week by LIPA in collaboration with award-winning physical theatre company Gecko.

Gecko has spent six weeks working with students across a number of disciplines to devise Part 1&2: An Invented Work.

Two separate companies of second year acting students will perform the results in a pair of bold and inventive 30-minute shows being staged in different locations at the Mount Street college, meaning audience members gain two different perspectives on the same story.

Gecko’s artistic director Amit Lahav explains. “Migration a tricky subject for some people but it’s not going away, with the planet heating up and people being displaced because where they’re living has flooded or become too hot, even more people are likely to be on the move. “Having empathy with them becomes even more important. We have all migrated at some point, however far back you have to go to establish that.”

Parts 1&2: An Invented Work are at LIPA in Mount Street from May 23-25, and May 27-28. Tickets HERE

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