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Lindzi roars in to the Epstein panto this Easter

They’re off to see the Wizard at the Epstein Theatre this month – and there are a few familiar faces on the Yellow Brick Road.

They include X Factor’s Sean Smith and Lola Saunders as the Tin Man and Dorothy respectively, Lewis Pryor as the Scarecrow, and Claire Simmo as Glinda.

Meanwhile Lindzi Germain takes on the Cowardly Lion – which means donning her second animal costume this year, after playing a woodland creature in the Royal Court’s Scouse Cinderella over Christmas.

And despite it being a bit warm under all that fur, the actress reveals she’s happy to be playing the role…because it was her dad’s favourite character in the film the whole family loved when she was growing up.

“My dad loves the Wizard of Oz, so much so that he won’t go and see Wicked,” she reveals. “It was always a magical film we watched together when I was a kid.”

This is the second LHK Productions panto Germain has appeared in, following Jack and the Beanstalk where she starred alongside Ray Quinn. Then, she played a wicked Queen, but she’s quite happy to take on Lion duties this time around.

Not least, she jokes, “because I don’t have to wear my Spanx!”

Lindzi Germain and fellow Wizard of Oz cast members. Photo by David Munn

It’s a busy time for the Liverpool actress, singer, comedian and writer, who has just completed filming LA Productions’ latest TV series, titled Clink, a gritty 10-part drama set in a women’s prison which is set to be screened on 5Star, and in which Germain plays one of the lady lags and says she “loved every minute” of it.

In addition, she and fellow actress Angela Simms – who together co-wrote hit comedy The Royal which has enjoyed two runs at the Royal Court – are busy penning a new show.

And she and fellow Royal Court (and former Everyman Rep alumnus) favourite Keddy Sutton are also collaborating on ideas for a TV sketch show.

In the meantime though, Easter panto duties call, and there’s a Yellow Brick Road to be followed and a Wicked Witch (the dangerously anarchic Michael Chapman) to foil.

The Wizard of Oz is at the Epstein Theatre from April 11-22. Tickets HERE

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