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Giants take to the streets on super Friday for Liverpool's Dream

It’s a Giant Friday for Liverpool and Wirral as the region’s huge visitors set off on their exploration on both sides of the river – watched by thousands of people.

While New Brighton awoke to the sight of a 50ft giant mariner washed up on the beach this morning, Liverpool discovered a huge fork sticking out of a car….and Little Boy Giant and his dog Xolo dozing on St George’s Plateau.

Boy and dog woke at 10am and set off on the three-mile journey to Princes Park where they had lunch, followed by a siesta under mizzling skies.

Despite it being a working day, people lined the route of the walk to catch a glimpse of the Little Boy and his cheeky pet – a real favourite of the Liverpool crowds.

And Xolo didn’t disappoint, exploring Berry Street and Renshaw Street, stopping along the way to be patted or to take a drink of water.

Little Boy walked behind him until they reached the Chinese Arch, where the 20ft Giant hitched a lift on a specially-adapted vehicle to ascend Upper Duke Street.

In Catharine Street, Xolo stopped to give a ride to one very lucky little girl.

A gallery of images from Giant Friday

And then it was off again, heading towards Princes Park, at the far end of the grand Princes Avenue boulevard where Little Boy Giant had a boogie to the strains of The Trammps’ Disco Inferno.

Later on he took off his shoes and had a swing, before entering the park where youngsters from local schools were waiting with their specially-decorated picnic blankets and signs which said ‘bonjour petit garcon’ and ‘salut’.

Once in the park, Little Boy was served lunch by the Lilliputians – the menu including an amuse bouche, ‘Brexit sauce’ and traditional Scouse, while Xolo naughtily took a lick of a cream-covered carrot cake, ran around the Little Boy and relieved himself to the delight of the crowds.

Then both settled down for a nap – Little Boy in his deckchair, and Xolo on a pile of hessian sacks.

The pair will set out for the city centre once more at 4pm, where they will make their way to The Strand and Queens Wharf for the night.

Meanwhile the 50ft Giant attracted huge crowds in Wirral where he took a walk along Marine Promenade, where he was given a drink by local firemen.

Tomorrow all three Giants will be in Liverpool city centre in a day which is expected to attract tens of thousands of spectators.

Liverpool’s Dream ends on Sunday – the final time anyone will see the Giants in public anywhere in the world.

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