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Giant slumber party planned for St George's Hall

A huge hammock with a slumbering Little Boy Giant will appear in St George’s Hall today.

His appearance marks the start of Liverpool’s Dream – the last time Royal de Luxe’s Giants will ever be seen on the public stage.

People are being encouraged to turn up in fancy dress to see the 20ft tall Giant as he sleeps in the Great Hall, which will be open from noon to 11pm.

No tickets are needed for the free event, but people should be prepared to queue to catch a first glimpse of the Little Boy Giant, brother of Little Girl Giant, who makes his first appearance in Liverpool.

A stewarded queuing system will be in place at the William Brown Street entrance.

From 7pm there will be live music outside the Hall to entertain the thousands expected to descend on the venue, with bands providing entertainment.

St George’s Hall manager Alan Smith said: “We’re delighted to be able to provide the Little Boy Giant with a (beautiful) roof over his head before he explores the city streets.

St George's Hall. Top: Little Boy Giant in his hammock - photo by Pascal Victor

“The sight of this new Giant asleep in the beautiful surroundings of The Great Hall will be unmissable and we know it will be incredibly popular. When the Grandmother was here in 2014, more than 42,000 people came through our doors to experience a bit of the Giants magic.

“Royal de Luxe has asked that people head to the Hall in fancy dress to mark the occasion, so we look forward to seeing what outfits people arrive in! We have been told to expect the unexpected, so we’ll do just that!”

William Brown Street will be closed from 7am to midnight, and Lime Street from 2pm to midnight.

Friday, October 5 meanwhile sees Little Boy Giant and the giant uncle take to the streets of Liverpool and Wirral at the start of three days of the public spectacular.

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