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Tmesis Theatre goes Beyond Belief at the Unity

Tmesis Theatre returns to the Unity stage this autumn with a new show being premiered ahead of a UK tour.

Beyond Belief asks the question - what would happen if you could live forever? And what if you could bring your loved one back to life and resurrect their digital soul?

The Liverpool-based award-winning company harnesses its trademark physical theatre to explore how we cope with loss in a digital age, with the new production merging physicality with text (by Chris Fittock), dystopian design (Stephanie O Hara) and original music (Meike Holzman) to create a performance which will make audiences question the world we live in.

Director Elinor Randle said: “Beyond Belief began with a fascination about how we now live and die online, how our lives can be measured by status updates, collected data, and how we are being encouraged to think about our digital legacies.

"Once I started researching, a whole new world that was both terrifying and fascinating opened up, and age old questions about life and death suddenly had new meaning in the digital age; can we and do we really want to live forever?

“I’m really excited to be working with such a talented cast and creative team on this new show and believe it will be really different and exciting for audiences.”

Tmesis’ previous work includes Wolf Red, That’s Amore and Happy Hour.

Beyond Belief is at the Unity Theatre from September 28 to October 6. Tickets HERE

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