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Liver Birds are flying in to Liverpool Royal Court

It was a glance up at the birds on top of the Royal Liver Building five years ago which sparked the idea for a new musical that is getting its first full run in the city this month.

Liver Birds Flying Home imagines what life might be like for Beryl and Sandra – Carla Lane’s famous creations – 40 years after they shared a flat together in Huskisson Street.

The musical, being premiered at the Royal Court after an initial semi-staged concert version at the Epstein last year, is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Barb Jungr.

She wrote the book with George Seaton and Linda McDermott, and lyrics to 23 new songs with music by Level 42’s Mike Lindup.

Jungr and Seaton were walking along Hardman Street in 2013 when she wondered out loud why no one had ever penned a musical version of the hit TV show.

When Seaton challenged Jungr to do it, she questioned if they would be able to get the rights.

“I know Carla Lane!” said Seaton. And the rest is history.

Barb Jungr - photo by Steve Ullathorne

Beryl and Sandra were the embodiment of 1970s swinging Liverpool. Red and blue, north and south, posh and streetwise. But one stayed… and the other left.

Four decades on, the pair are reunited as if nothing has changed - but everything has. Can things be like they used to be?

Co-producer and co-writer Seaton says: “The quality of Carla’s writing is staggering and she was rightly protective of Beryl and Sandra. I’m thrilled our idea to bring their lives into the present day met with her approval and honoured to be involved in continuing the story of The Liver Birds.” And Jungr, who is also bringing her Bob Dylan show to the Royal Court Downstairs this month, adds: “Women’s lives, their hopes and dreams and the innocence of their young selves. That’s all of us, isn’t it?”

Liver Birds Flying Home is at Royal Court Liverpool until May 12. Tickets from the website HERE

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