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Indiana Jones adventure with live orchestra in Liverpool

Raiders of the Lost Ark is set to get symphonic treatment at the Philharmonic Hall.

The smash hit film that first introduced whip-wielding hero Indiana Jones will be screened with music by a live orchestra at the Hope Street venue this week.

Legendary film composer John Williams penned the epic score which includes the famous Raiders March which was subsequently used in all successive films in the blockbuster franchise.

Raiders of the Lost Ark, which stars Harrison Ford in the title role, pits Professor Jones and his feisty sidekick Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) against Nazi scientists and soldiers who want to find the lost Ark of the Covenant and harness its powers for their own evil ends.

The Czech National Symphony Orchestra will perform the soundtrack live in Liverpool, conducted by Ben Palmer.

Tickets range from £25-£55 and there are VIP packages for £89 which include the best seats along with tote bag, tour gift and print.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is at the Philharmonic Hall on September 17. Tickets HERE

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