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Port Sunlight shines in new photographic show

Life in Port Sunlight has come under the microscope in a new exhibition of photographs on show in the village.

But you will have to be quick to see them because Pete Carr’s Portraits of Port Sunlight is only open until Friday March 9.

It features 20 photographs, on show at The Lyceum in Bridge Street, which capture moments in the day of people who live in the garden village, a popular destination for tourists and which was created by Lord Leverhulme more than a century ago.

The work asks the question, how can that architectural heritage be conserved but at the same time provide modern usable space for the future?

Carr says: “There is no doubt of the architectural significance of the village and the work done there to conserve it, but I wanted to go behind the scenes of all that. The grade II listed exteriors are incredibly well maintained. They haven’t really changed significantly since they were first built.

“However, inside you are less constrained by preserving the past and you are allowed to decorate as you see fit. The interiors of these historic homes are therefore much more diverse, individual and sometimes quite modern, reflecting the people who now live there.

"It’s an interesting dichotomy.”

Portraits of Port Sunlight is at The Lyceum until March 9.

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