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Become the jury at St George's Hall trials

In the 19th century a certain young barrister called William Schwenck Gilbert practised law – not wholly successfully – in the court room at Liverpool's St George’s Hall.

Now Trial by Jury is returning to the surroundings of the Grade I Listed Lime Street landmark, although not of the Gilbert & Sullivan variety.

Instead, Lovehistory is bringing back its popular Trial by Jury event for three evenings in March, where the audience will be the jury and decide whether the accused in the dock is free to go or guilty as charged.

The case, which is being kept secret until the first night, will have an Irish theme, as it’s being ‘heard’ over the St Patrick’s Day weekend, and will be based on a real-life case from Liverpool’s Victorian courts.

But what has been revealed is that the evening starts with a grisly murder. The full details of the crime will then be revealed through re-enactments, and narrated by a detective who will piece together the full story and gather the evidence for the trial.

After all the harrowing details of the crime have been laid out, the prosecution and defence will present their arguments. And then it will be up to the audience, as the jury, to reach a verdict.

Once the judge has passed sentence based on that verdict, there will be a chance to see how close the outcome was to the real-life case.

Trial by Jury is at St George’s Hall from March 15-17 at 7pm. Tickets are £16.50 on 0844 800 0410 or on the TicketQuarter website HERE

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