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Steve Gribbin makes tracks for Liverpool Comedy Fest

All aboard for Steve Gribbin’s Edinburgh show which is coming to Liverpool as part of this year’s Comedy Festival.

The comedy troubadour has taken to the rails for his latest live performance, which was inspired by his regular trips on the UK’s railway network.

Shunted Again! is about his life as a train passenger, and features songs and stand-up, sound effects and even a poem about all the zombified clubbers on Lime Street Station on a Sunday morning.

Steve explains: “It features set-pieces like an edition of Top Gear dedicated to the sexiness of the Northern Trains Pacer 142 Locomotive, a Bible reading about the awfulness of Sunday travel, and the 1996 Privatisation of British Rail as explained by Ringo Starr reading Thomas The Tank Engine.

“There are songs about trainspotters, and a tribute to the thousands of Irish Navvies that built the rail system in this country, plus an explanation of the Byzantine ticket prices of the robbing barons who run the railway companies.”

He adds: “The three most difficult words in the English language are not ‘I love you’, but ‘bus replacement service’.”

Liverpool Comedy Festival features 150 events over 16 days at venues across the city centre.

See Shunted Again! at the Music Room at the Philharmonic Hall on September 21 at 8pm. More details HERE.

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